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From Paul Simpkins <>
Subject Data Store Locations and DR ?
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2014 14:08:23 GMT
Hi all,
I've managed to bring up my ApacheDS (2.0) servers in Multi Master config -
and they are happily replicating between each other (LDAP1 and LDAP2). This
has given me my HA solution.
I now want to introduce the DR aspect of the solution, with a second data
centre that is running dark.

Initially I thought to just use Multi Master across the 4 machines (LDAP 1,
2 3 and 4) but as the second data centre is only meant to be used in DR
circumstances, then this solution doesn't really fit.

So my idea is the following.
Keep Multi Master configured across LDAP 1 and 2.
Each LDAP server to write it's store to a shared disk. A different location
for each server.(/instances/default/*
Install the ApacheDS server on LDAP3 and LDAP4. (machines are mirrors of
LDAP 1 and 2)
When DR occurs it will start machines LDAP 3 and 4
Start ApacheDS on LDAP3 and LDAP4 - with the idea to 'use' the data that is
on the shared disk.

Is this viable ? Is it possible to move the 'store' of an already running
server to a different place ?


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