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From Sebastian Oerding <>
Subject Re: Embedded Apache DS as proxy
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2014 08:08:49 GMT

thanks for the help provided thus far. however I still struggling with 
the Apache DS. I tried to add a partition with

private void addPartition(DirectoryService service) {

         AvlPartition partition = new 

         try {
             partition.setSuffixDn(new Dn(service.getSchemaManager(), 
             //            AvlRdnIndex index = new AvlRdnIndex("");
             //            partition.addIndex(index);

             // create the context entry
             Entry contextEntry = new 
DefaultEntry(service.getSchemaManager(), "dc=smpki", "objectClass: top",
                 "objectClass: organizationalUnit", "ou: certificates");

             partition.add(new AddOperationContext(null, contextEntry));

         } catch (Exception e) {
             LOG.error("Error adding a partition", e);
             throw new IllegalStateException("Error occurred adding 

but now I'm getting the error

ERR_219 Entry dc=smpki contains no entryCsn attribute: Entry
     dn[n]: dc=smpki
     objectclass: top
     objectclass: organizationalUnit
     ou: certificates

After some further investigation I tried to add the index as shown in 
the code (the code with the AvlRdnIndex which had been commented out) 
but I still get the same error. All of the code examples I found in the 
net are incomplete or do not work due to a changed API for example since 
milestone M-3. I failed to attempt them. The user documentation of the 
Apache DS is of help but incomplete.

Could you please provide a complete example? The checked the following 
examples are all lacking in some way: ( helpful but failed to get 
it really done with milestones M-17) (link is dead, it was mentioned by Kiran in an 
earlier thread about adding a partion from the beginning of 2014)
The Apache DS user guide -> incomplete, especially in adding elements 

I would be glad to use the Apache DS for  parsing the requests. However 
as I have only 5 days left to integrate the functionality to parse LDAP 
requests I can not afford to waste any more time with fruitless attempts 
to get it running. If I do not get it managed to use the Apache DS I 
have to write my own ASN1 / LDAP message parser.

With regards Sebastian

Am 26.09.2014 13:20, schrieb Kiran Ayyagari:
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