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From Sebastian Oerding <>
Subject Re: Writing / integrating LDAP server
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2014 16:28:29 GMT
The certificates we have to deal with are defined in a technical 
recommendation, specifying some mandatory / forbidden X.509 extensions 
and other special stuff. Especially there is some stuff which is (close 
to) violating RFC 5280.

Furthermore there may be customers which require that a specific product 
is used as LDAP Server (OpenLDAP, Apache DS, MS Active Directory, Novell 
Directory Server, ...). Hence we can only rely on functionality which 
available in all of these products (or can be implemented for them with 
a reasonable effort).

Currently I'm wondering about using an embedded Apache DS with 
interceptors simply forwarding each call to the corresponding 
stand-alone LDAP server (which may also be an Apache DS). However let's 
denote my component with C then we may end up with (ASCII art) the 
following due to chaining:

C             -          C
|                         |
external LDAP  external LDAP

Now each of these instances of C holding an embedded Apache DS which 
simply forwards the messages to the external LDAP seem to result in a 
huge overhead which may be unaffordable. I would prefer a better 
solution but I have around five days to implement this functionality and 
I do not see any chance to implement this stuff if there is no code 
which nearly exactly fits my needs and that I can simply take and 
re-use. Unfortunately arguing for a better technical solution or more 
time is currently ignored. Hence recommendations for other approaches 
currently are of no help (just in case someone wants to argue that 
everything would be fine using JMS / protocol XYZ / ...).


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