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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [Mavibot Partition] Status
Date Fri, 29 Nov 2013 09:31:31 GMT
Le 11/28/13 7:26 PM, Emmanuel Lécharny a écrit :
> Le 11/24/13 12:50 PM, Emmanuel Lécharny a écrit :
>> Le 11/24/13 10:51 AM, Emmanuel Lécharny a écrit :
>>> Hi guys,
>>> this morning, I launched a test on core-integ to see where we are, after
>>> a few modifications I have made on Mavibot :
>>> Tests run: 690, Failures: 6, Errors: 12, Skipped: 132
>>> This is better than last week, but still there is some progress.
>> I forgot to mention that the failing tests are not failing when ran
>> individually. That mens there is more likely a problem with the Mavibot
>> partition shutdown and reload between two tests.
> I was damn wrong...
> Many failures are due to bugs in mavibot, or bugs in the mavibot partition.
> I have fixed a serious issue in Mavibot itself, and I'm now chasing bugs
> in the mavibot partition. 6 errors and 6 failures in core-integ atm.
After a good insomnia, I was able to fix a couple of more bugs. We now
have :

Tests run: 690, Failures: 3, Errors: 1, Skipped: 132

The failing tests are :

Failed tests:
  AliasSearchIT.testOuUsers:171->verifyCounts:557 expected:<2> but was:<1>
  AliasSearchIT.testOuPeople:194->verifyCounts:560 expected:<2> but was:<1>
  AliasSearchIT.testOuEngineering:274->verifyCounts:557 expected:<1> but

Tests in error:
  PartitionConfigurationIT.testAddAndRemove:87 » LdapOperationError
ERR_577 Erro...

One of the problème was that we were'nt replacing an entry which content
was modified, leading to some errors when checking the attributes.

I have to figure out what are those Alias issues. Will work on that this
evening or this week-end.

Emmanuel Lécharny 

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