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From Patrick Radtke <>
Subject eSCIMo and generalizing resources
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2013 21:44:13 GMT
I wanted to start working on/with the eSCIMo project.
I'm interested in how to use it for adding resources besides User and Group.

The current ProviderService interface has Resource specific methods for 
Users any Groups (e.g getUser(), patchGroup()). The SCIM specification 
allows for additional resources to be defined - either within the realm 
of the spec, or by the service provider.
In an ideal world, I would be able to add these additional resources by 
extending ServerResource and implementing a resource specific provider 
interface, and the rest of the Server implementation would be generic 
enough to "just work". Currently that is not the case, and the server 
implementation assumes User and Group resources.

I think it may make sense to generalize ProviderService so that 
implementation would be both Resource and Backend specific. As example, 
implementations could be like:
  LdapUserResourceProvider - a User resource that is provide from ldap
  XmlGroupResourceProvider - a group resource that is provided from an 
xml file
  JpaPizzaResourceProvider - a Pizza resource that comes from a DB

Then  at the RESTful server level, instead of defining resource specific 
endpoints like GroupService and UserService, a generic ResourceService 
could determine the corresponding resource specific ProvderService 
implementation based on the URL. For example, if ResourceService saw 
/Users/123 it could user the string "Users" to look up in a factory, or 
a map the correct ProviderService.

What do people think? Other ideas?



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