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HI all,
I've heard something about Escimo and read [1] it is supposed to be a SCIM v2 [1] protocol implementation.


Since at Syncope we have something similar planned for next releases [3], do you think that Escimo implementation could be general enough to make it work eiher on top of - say - ApacheDS and Syncope?

yes, the goal is to make it easy to adapt on different kinds of backends.
The default implementation has complete support to use any LDAP server as a backend.
Escimo is also JAXRS implementation neutral, i.e., it can be used with any JAXRS
library (by default it uses Apache Wink)

Great to hear: FYI, current Syncope JAX-RS interface is built on top of Apache CXF and we would like to add a second SCIM interface.

Is there any documentation available (yet) about how to develop Escimo or how to extend it? How much is already implemented?

no documentation yet, it will be available before releasing the first version.
querying a resource by ID and addition of resources is completed, working on
modify operation at the moment. I expect it to be ready for the first release within two weeks.   

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