- I try to add a new plugin in Studio

   - I checkout last release on svn repo. Compile my plugin using mvn and then studio using mvn which generates a ApacheDirectoryStudio-win32-x86-XXXX-SNAPSHOT.zip

    - I unzip it and got the exe and my plugin in plugindir of extracted archive

    - When I run the exe, every plugins is loaded except mine :-(

     - I look in the in Display error log in Configuration tab / in "A propos" window that my plugin is installed . But in the plugin tab, my plugin is not displayed.

     - I click on Activate this-plugin when one of it's classes is loaded and use extension point to extend Studio and features. As bellow, I expect a display of a popupMenu when selection of IEntry and display the content of an attributeCertificateAttribute

   <extension point="org.apache.directory.studio.valueeditors">
      <valueEditorclass="org.apache.directory.studio.rolemanager.valueeditor.certificate.AttributeCertificateValueEditor" icon="resources/icons/certificateeditor.png"name="attribute certificate X509 editor">
      <syntax syntaxOID="" />
      <attribute attributeType="attributeCertificateAttribute" />

             Help appreciated, Thanks