I’m having odd issues with adding a new m-may attribute to a custom metaObjectClass in our schema.  We created a custom class in the initial release of the software with the following ldif:


dn: m-oid=, ou=objectClasses, cn=conneqt-config, ou=schema

objectclass: metaObjectClass

objectclass: metaTop

objectclass: top


m-name: adapterMailbox

m-supObjectClass: top

m-must: email

m-must: smtpHost

m-must: smtpPort

m-must: userPassword


Further changes then required the addition of an optional enabled/disabled flag, so the following update ldif was created:


dn: m-oid=, ou=attributeTypes, cn=conneqt-config, ou=schema

objectclass: metaAttributeType

objectclass: metaTop

objectclass: top


m-name: isActiveFlag

m-description: A boolean flag to indicate if an entry is active or not

m-equality: caseIgnoreMatch

m-ordering: booleanMatch


m-length: 1

m-singleValue: TRUE


dn: m-oid=, ou=objectClasses, cn=conneqt-config, ou=schema

changetype: modify

add: m-may

m-may: isActiveFlag


Now the problems I have are two-fold: firstly, when I try to add the isActiveFlag attribute to an entry through Apache Directory Studio, it gives a warning saying the attribute type is not allowed.  Whilst I can click through this, the second problem is that when I try to add entries programmatically:


var name = string.Format("email={0}", emailAddress);

var entry = container.Children.Add(name, "adapterMailbox");

entry.Properties["userPassword"].Value = password;

entry.Properties["smtpHost"].Value = smtpHost;

entry.Properties["smtpPort"].Value = smtpPort;

entry.Properties["isActiveFlag"].Value = isActiveFlag;



It is throwing a DirectoryServicesCOMException with message “The requested operation did not satisfy one or more constraints associated with the class of the object.


Anyone able to shed any light on what might be going on?




Matthew Goudge



Quicksilva Systems Integration Solutionswww.qxlva.com

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