I kind of agree a bit here.

Maybe a simple static method in the 'PwdModifyRequest' class is enough.

Something like:
PwdModifyRequest.send( connection, "cn=User1,ou=system", "secret", "BetterSecret" );

My 2 cents,

On 1 mai 2013, at 12:25, Radu Creanga <rdcrng@gmail.com> wrote:

-1 for including the pwdModify as part of the connection API and don't care for the move from extra to core.

None of you have heard from me before and I'm not sure my vote can count for anything, but I hope the comments will.

PwdModify is an extended request that is optional for a directory server - AD for example does not support it, at least not out of the box. But, by including it as part of the connection API you're creating the wrong impression that it is a standard/universal operation such as add, modify, delete, search, etc.


On May 1, 2013 5:08 AM, "Emmanuel Lécharny" <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Le 5/1/13 10:56 AM, Kiran Ayyagari a écrit :
> ++1 personally I never liked this distinction of core and extra this only
> made the things worse, I don't see
> how some control can be treated as 'belongs to core' and other as 'extra',
> IMHO a very bad move, and
> I would like to get rid of this if possible to make it right

Well, the extra controls/extended operations are those only ApacheDS
support. As teh LDAP API is supposed to be a common LDAP API, there is
no reason to enforce the usage of our own features for those using the
API to talk to OpenLDAP, AD? or whatever LDAP server.

This is the reason we have this distinction, and I think it's good to
keep it this way.
For the few classes I mentionned, it does not make sense to have them in
extra - and part of this is my fault, I created the pwdModify classes in
the worng place -

Emmanuel Lécharny