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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject LdapNetworkConnection comments
Date Wed, 22 May 2013 07:11:15 GMT
Hi Stefan,

I saw that you ave added some TODO in this class, which sounds like a
good idea. I will try to answer some of them :

+// TODO: all the SASL bind methods are not declared in this interface, but implemented in
LdapNetworkConnection. Is that intended?

No. I have added some of them lately, but dind't had time to add them in the interface. Although,
the CoreConnection does not support some of the SASL bind atm :
     * SASL PLAIN Bind on a server.
     * @param authcid The Authentication identity
     * @param credentials The password. It can't be null
     * @return The BindResponse LdapResponse
     * @throws {@link LdapException} if some error occurred
    // Not yet available on the CoreConnection
    //BindResponse bindSaslPlain( String authcid, String credentials ) throws LdapException;

It should though : the SASL Plain authentication has been added last month.

+// TODO: why do connect() and bind() methods throw an IOException, the other methods not?

This can be safely removed IMO.

+// TODO: why do connect() and close() return a boolean? What is the difference between false
and an Exception?

Good question... No answer so far.

+// TODO: think about usage of abbrevisions (Dn/Rdn) vs. spelled out (relative distinguished
name) in javadoc

I prefer Rdn/Dn. Let's be consistant.

+// TODO: does method getCodecService() belong into the interface? It returns a LdapApiService,
should it be renamed?

I suspect it has to do with OSGi...

 +// TODO: does method doesFutureExistFor() belong into the interface? Move to LdapAsyncConnection?

It's a LdapNetworkConnection method only. It would make sense to move to LdapAsyncConnection.

Emmanuel L├ęcharny 

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