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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject I'll move some of the extended operations and controls from ldap-api-extra-codec(-api) to api-ldap-codec-core
Date Wed, 01 May 2013 08:49:02 GMT
Hi guys,

I will move the syncrepl controls and the pwdModify extended operation
code from ldap-api-extra-codec(-api) to api-ldap-codec-core. The
rational is that I would like to extend the LdapConnection API to
support the pwdModify() operation directly, without having to go through
the creation of a PwdModifyRequestImpl instance like in :

        PwdModifyRequestImpl pwdModifyRequest = new PwdModifyRequestImpl();
        pwdModifyRequest.setUserIdentity( Strings.getBytesUtf8(
"cn=User1,ou=system" ) );
        pwdModifyRequest.setOldPassword( Strings.getBytesUtf8( "secret" ) );
        pwdModifyRequest.setNewPassword( Strings.getBytesUtf8(
"BetterSecret" ) );

        // Send the request
        PwdModifyResponse pwdModifyResponse = ( PwdModifyResponse )
connection.extended( pwdModifyRequest );

but instead have :

        // Change the password
        PwdModifyResponse pwdModifyResponse = connection.pwdModify(
"cn=User1,ou=system", "secret", "BetterSecret" );

I currently can't do that as the PwdModifyResponse and
PwdModifyRequestImpl classes aren't visible from the LdapConnection
class. This is the very sae problem for the SYncrepl controls.

thoughts ?

Emmanuel L├ęcharny 

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