Thanks in advance for detailed answer.

2013/3/5 Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Le 3/5/13 5:09 PM, Merve Temizer a écrit :
> Hello,
> I am using Apache DS with a Java application.
> I guess i can save a Java object as a byte array into an attribute.

> Is it possible?

Sure. You just have to select the correct AttributeType. In your case, if you want to store an instance of a Java class, you should use the javaSerializedData AttributeType, which is present in the Java schema (you just have to enable this schema, it's disabled by default AFAIR).

> I have custom Directory server classes which i import into DS with ldif
> files.
> Also i have custom attribute types
> under ou=attributeTypes,cn=adsconfig,ou=schema
> If i want my custom classes to have byte array attributes, how should i
> define these custom attributes?

Pick the OctetString syntax. This is what it's used for.

Emmanuel Lécharny