tested with the tar.gz installer against ApacheDS vM11, looking good

[X] +1 : Release Apache Directory Studio 2.0.0-M6 (2.0.0.v20130308)

thanks Pierre-Arnaud
On Sat, Mar 9, 2013 at 11:38 PM, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot <pa@marcelot.net> wrote:

Here's a proposal for a new release of Apache Directory Studio.

Here are the release notes:

  - [DIRSTUDIO-861] - Errors with DNs containing non-ASCII values on Active Directory
  - [DIRSTUDIO-873] - Kerberos encryption types are not saved correctly
  - [DIRSTUDIO-876] - Integer Editor should focus on the value text field upon opening
  - [DIRSTUDIO-878] - Generation of the user guides as PDF and standalone HTML is broken
  - [DIRSTUDIO-879] - Flags for an attribute type in the Schema Browser are not correctly rendered on OS X
  - [DIRSTUDIO-889] - Error "Changes could not be saved to the connection" when saving server configuration on stock server and studio

  - [DIRSTUDIO-872] - The list of possible Kerberos encryption type should be available

  - [DIRSTUDIO-874] - Remove all ApacheDS and Apache Mina libraries plugins from trunk in '/libraries'
  - [DIRSTUDIO-877] - Update ApacheDS schema files to the latest version

Here are the associated links :

Apache Directory Studio 2.0.0-M6 (2.0.0.v20130308)
- SVN tag r1454466:
- Nexus repository:
- Distribution packages:

[ ] +1 : Release Apache Directory Studio 2.0.0-M6 (2.0.0.v20130308)
[ ] +/- 0 : I don't care
[ ] -1 : No, don't release Apache Directory Studio 2.0.0-M6 (2.0.0.v20130308)

Kiran Ayyagari