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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject ApacheDS status...
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2013 09:07:42 GMT
Hi guys,

as the dev mailing list and commits number are both low those last
weeks, I'd like to give you a bit of heads up about what's going on.

First of all, we have cut a release recetnrly (2.0.0-M11), 2 months
after having cut M10. Many issues have been fixed, most of them Kerberos
related, plus some serious bug fixes in the backend.

This resulted to a server which is *very* slow when injecting some
modifications (I can add around 80 entries per second on my laptop, but
this all depends on the number of index you have. The more index you
add, the slower it will be). Those changes were absolutely necessary to
guarantee that we don't have conflicts when we inject entries while we
search the tree, and in order to be able to start back the server in
good shape after a crash (something that was broken in M10).

To do that, we had to use transaction in JDBM, plus to serialize write
*and* reads (in other words, when doing a write, you can't search, and
when doing a read, you can't write).

At this point, we have a working server, which is pretty fast as soon as
you don't do massive modifications into it.

But we simply can't accept the sluggishness of the backend when applying
modification. Being able to inject 80 entries per second is simply not
acceptable : injecting 1M entries would take more or less 4 hours ! It
will not only affect the initial injection of data, it can be a real
problem when dealing with replication, where a lot of modifications can
be replicated from server to server.

So we started to work on an alternative solution for the backend.

Last year, a lab [1][2] have been created to develop a MVCC Btree that
could be used as a replacement for JDBM. The MVCC BTree is working in
memory, with pretty good performances (800 000 addition per second, 15
000 000 searches per second), but as it said, it's in-memory (even
though it's persisted on disk).

Kiran has started to work on writing a partition for this backend, but
we lack a few things to get it working efficiently : basically, we need
to be able to store multiple values associated with a key.

On my side, I have started to work on a RecordManager that will allow
the BTree to be backed on disk, and to allow the pages to be discarded
from memory when we don't have enough memory (we are using
SoftReferences for that). Its an on-going work, which will take some
time (one or two months).

Kiran is also working on a bulk-load utility that will speed up the load
of huge amount of data.

All this hard work keep us far from the project atm, but this is temporary.

We expect to have a working version soon enough.

In the mean time, if you are interested in this ongoing work, please
feel free to check the lab, it's available to all apache committers. the
labs@a.o ML will be used to communicate, assuming mails' subject is
prefixed with [mavibot].

FYI, Mavibot comes from MVBT (Multi-Version B-Tree), and the name itself
was found by Ersin Er : it means Blue Boat in Turkish. This is really a
great name !


Emmanuel L├ęcharny 

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