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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject Issues with the backend, FYI
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2013 12:57:29 GMT
Hi guys :

this morning I was facing some issues with the JDBM backend.

I tried to inject thousands (80 thousands) entries in the base with
numerous indexes. So far, so good. It took around 6 minutes to get them
all injected, but now, if I check the created files, I see that there
are no .db, only journal files (.lg). Of course, after a restart, those
db files will be created, but this is certainly not how the backend
should work.

I checked the code and saw that we never flush the journals through a
transactionManager.synchronizeLog() call, except for the master table.
Too bad :/ But it explains why most of the files aren't flushed
(especially the indexes).

So I added this call to transactionManager.synchronizeLog() for every
index. Well, the .db files were now growing, but I faced another problem
: some exception (ConcurrentModificationException) deep in JDBM.

After an hour or two trying to understand what was going on, I decided
to disable the CacheRecordManager to use a standard BaseRecordManager.
The performances are just awful (5 times slower) but this was
'expected', but even worse, I still had some concurrent modification
exceptions :/

Then I realise that the SyncWorker was called every 15 seconds, and was
calling the sync() method, and it breaks when a put() is done at the
same time on one of the flushed index.

At the end, I decided to use the same lock that we use for write
operation (the lock is part of the OperationManager implementation, so I
exposed it so that it can be used outside or the OM). And it worked.

The only drawback is that while the hournals are flushed, the server is
blocked for a few period of time (depending on how many elements we have

It's far from being perfect, and I wish we can have a better solution,
but I don't thik that JDBM will make us any favor here...

Emmanuel L├ęcharny 

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