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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: SSO + LDAP + Apache httpd
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2013 08:50:32 GMT
Le 2/6/13 9:22 AM, N.S.Karthik a écrit :
> Hi
> Sorry ofr not reveling the Full Info
> I have also posted the similar at Httpd Posting
> I already have Apache Httpd + Tomcat Working in Proxy Mode
> I want to Integrate Apache LDAP with apache Httpd with SSO.
Again, this is something you have to check with the httpd project.
Apache Directory Server is just a LDAP server, like any other, and once
started, you have no way to distinguish from any other LDAP server.

So to speak, beside helping you on Apache Directory Server - which is
absolutely straight forward -, everythng else is relative to httpd

Not that we don't want to help here, but really, httpd people (or tomcat
people) would be much more helpfull regarding the configuration of
anything related to connection to a LDAP server.

Just note that the default port used by Apache Directory Server is 10389
(LDAP) and 10636 (LDAPS) which might not be what you want (these parts
were selected to allow any user to install and run the server without
havng to be root, as we are not in the well know ports (those below
1024, which requires you to be root)).

Hope it helps.

Side note : be explicit about your problem. I understand that you want
to set up an httpd + tomcat + LDAP config, but that says nothing about
the problem you are facing. We don't do support, we help people who face
problems. If you need support, you can reach some companies offering
such service (there are plenty of them).

Emmanuel Lécharny 

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