Seems to be a clear bug.

Can you fill a JIRA with the stack trace attached ?

I'll investigate asap.

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 8:17 PM, Jonathan Russell <> wrote:
Thank you very much for that piece of advice!

I've replaced the syntax of ibm-imm so that it now reads like this:

dn: m-oid=, ou=attributeTypes, cn=other, ou=schema
objectclass: metaAttributeType
objectclass: metaTop
objectclass: top
m-name: ibm-imm
m-description: the actual block data being stored
m-equality: caseIgnoreIA5Match
m-ordering: caseIgnoreOrderingMatch
m-substr: caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
m-length: 32700
m-singleValue: TRUE

When I try to create the entry though, It throws a stackOverflow exception. I've copied it here:
 It seems like there might be some kind of recursive call in the apache ds code?

Jon Russell

Emmanuel Lécharny