On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 11:17 PM, Emmanuel Lécharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm currently working on a system to detect the staled replicas (ie
replicas that have been once connected, disconnected, and haven't be
reconnected, or have tried to reconnect with an empty cookie).

The idea is to create a thread associated with the LdapServer that
periodically check all the registered replicas, and discard those whic
have not been read for more than a period of time. I was thinking that
checking every hour, and discarding all the replicas that are 2 days
behind would be enough (the suggested values are the default values, it
will be configurable, of course).
Detecting that a replica has not been read for more than N days is just
a matter of reading the oldest modification it stores in its associated

what I would like to see is a policy per replica rather than single policy for all replicas
initially we apply the default values when a log gets created but we allow the admin
to change them if needed. We need two new configuration ATs in the config schema
to map the time and/or count based detection.
Does it seems a decent solution ?

Otherwise, I do think we need some tooling to manage those replica's
journals. But this is another story...

wdyt ?

Emmanuel Lécharny

Kiran Ayyagari