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On 07-Dec-2012 8:53 PM, "Emmanuel Lécharny" <> wrote:

Hi guys,

I suggest we remove this code from the project : it's not maintained,
it's outdated, and it's also completely broken.

For instance, such a code :

public class EntryNode implements TreeNode
    public EntryNode( String id, EntryNode parent,
AbstractBTreePartition db, Entry entry, Map<String, EntryNode> map,
        ExprNode exprNode, SearchEngine engine )
            List<IndexEntry> recordForwards = new ArrayList<IndexEntry>();
            Cursor<IndexEntry<String, String>> childList = null;
//db.list( id );

            while ( )

is guaranteed to generate a NPE.

EntryNode class is only usd by the PartitionFrame code.

Unless someone is wanting to maintain it, I'd suggest that we either
sandbox it, or isolate it in a sub-project, or remove it.

Thoughts ?

Emmanuel Lécharny