I got started today.

I created a page https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/DIRxDEV/CMS+migration to give pointers to the tools which can be used during this migration.

I have migrated the configuration folder of DIRxSRVx20 and made a semi-automated creation of a new version of the page with the schema using an export from the adsconfig schema and an XSL stylesheet.
Maybe we had already something to generate schema documentation ? Here is our adsconfig generated documentation : http://directory.staging.apache.org/apacheds/configuration/adsconfig.html


On Dec 14, 2012, at 10:24 AM, Emmanuel Lécharny wrote:

Le 12/14/12 4:07 PM, Antoine Levy Lambert a écrit :
Hi Antoine,

Joe Schaefer wrote :

If you project is listed below, you have yet to migrate your
site to either the CMS or svnpubsub, which becomes mandatory
starting January 1.  This note will serve as your FINAL reminder
to start the process of filing a JIRA ticket with INFRA to
request a migration to one of those two options prior to
January 1, or face a hasty unannounced withdrawal of support
for your website during the month of January upon processing
of all remaining timely outstanding requests filed before Jan 1.
We will need to do some format conversion between confluence and markdown.

I am volunteering to do some of this work or maybe everything depending on whether I can write a script to do that automatically.

Please let me know where in the codebase the current site is checked in ?
Everything is in confluence, for ApacheDS, it's here :


I think we have already translated some of the page, not sure

Where do we want to check in the new markdown pages ?
The new site content is stored there :


Feel free to contact me in IRC if needed !

Thanks for the proposal !

Emmanuel Lécharny