Joe Schaefer wrote :

>>If you project is listed below, you have yet to migrate your
>>site to either the CMS or svnpubsub, which becomes mandatory
>>starting January 1.  This note will serve as your FINAL reminder
>>to start the process of filing a JIRA ticket with INFRA to
>>request a migration to one of those two options prior to
>>January 1, or face a hasty unannounced withdrawal of support
>>for your website during the month of January upon processing
>>of all remaining timely outstanding requests filed before Jan 1.

We will need to do some format conversion between confluence and markdown.

I am volunteering to do some of this work or maybe everything depending on whether I can write a script to do that automatically.

Please let me know where in the codebase the current site is checked in ?

Where do we want to check in the new markdown pages ?