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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: web site conversion to cms or svnpubsub
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 15:24:20 GMT
Le 12/14/12 4:07 PM, Antoine Levy Lambert a écrit :
> Hi,
Hi Antoine,
> Joe Schaefer wrote :
>>> If you project is listed below, you have yet to migrate your
>>> site to either the CMS or svnpubsub, which becomes mandatory
>>> starting January 1.  This note will serve as your FINAL reminder
>>> to start the process of filing a JIRA ticket with INFRA to
>>> request a migration to one of those two options prior to
>>> January 1, or face a hasty unannounced withdrawal of support
>>> for your website during the month of January upon processing
>>> of all remaining timely outstanding requests filed before Jan 1.
> We will need to do some format conversion between confluence and markdown.
> I am volunteering to do some of this work or maybe everything depending on whether I
can write a script to do that automatically.
> Please let me know where in the codebase the current site is checked in ?
Everything is in confluence, for ApacheDS, it's here :

I think we have already translated some of the page, not sure

> Where do we want to check in the new markdown pages ?
The new site content is stored there :

Feel free to contact me in IRC if needed !

Thanks for the proposal !

Emmanuel Lécharny 

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