Thanks in advance Kiran

2012/8/9 Merve Temizer <>
I searched for text "myPartitionId" (merves5 for this case)

and find it in /apacheds-code-base/trunk-with-dependencies/apacheds/service/target/instance/conf/config.ldif

deleted the partition info about merves5 and now serves can be up.

Thunks, sorry for unnecessary content.

2012/8/9 Merve Temizer <>

I am using ApacheDS builded from source in Eclipse.
I am on linux.

I can not start server because of a mistake of mine in adding partition,
i am getting 

Cannot open a cursor to read the configuration on ou=indexes,ads-partitionId=merves5


I do not need to solve this problem exactly.

If it is more easier, i want to reset my server's content.

I want to know if there is a "file system" folder which i can delete and reset all the content of my source builded server.
I searched find some of my partitions in /apacheds-code-path/trunk-with-dependencies/apacheds/service/target/instance/partitions/

but my last problem-partition is not there.

Where can i go to really clean my server's data?