Hi Everyone,

As i told you in OSGI branch update, JDBM is so immutable in runtime. Almost every setter calls checkInitialized() method first which throws an exception when its already initialized.

We have to change that behavior in as much aspects of it as we can. Otherwise there is no point in going into OSGI. However i can't always be sure what my changes might lead on runtime. I need some serious help here, especially from those are actively working on JDBM, otherwise i'll jump into trial and error cycle which will probably last long.

Here is the current configuration points for JdbmPartition:
Currently none of them is reconfigurable, once the partition is initialized. However i need to know which are actually reconfigurable among these ones. And which are not really reconfigurable and why?

Every reconfiguration will invoke some setter method at desired configuration point. So i guess we can make this reconfigurations work actually based on it's initialized or not, rather than throwing an exception blindly.

For your information, as we have the lifecycle control capability of components created from within ApacheDS, we can implement some fancy stuff. Like re-instantiating a component when one of its immutable property is changed, or stop it and remove from DirectoryService when one of its immutable property is changed to prevent accepting operations while reconfiguring. These migtht be implemented in case there is " no possibility! " to handle reconfigurations in live and initialized JdbmPartition reference.

I appreciate every single idea on this matter !