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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Release troubles and failing tests
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 23:20:34 GMT
Le 5/9/12 10:39 PM, Selcuk AYA a écrit :
> What I saw happening was there is a reader at version 188. Some reader
> somehow does not decremented the ref count at this version  and
> writers keep bumping up the version upto until ~600. Then we run out
> of freeable cache elements.
> We always have problem with the same version(188) and the problem
> always happens when updateding the nbchildren nbdescendants of the
> parents in rdn index. This is a new code but I dont see anything wrong
> with it. What I am thinking is that this new code exposed some bug in
> LRUCache that was there before.
May be because we now are updating the RdnIndex many times instead of 
only one when adding or deleting an entry...
> I am stuck at this point because of my ignorance of the build
> environment. I use the debugger to step through the code and I have
> the apacheds-jdbm as a module but the runtime uses a jdbm jar in
> repository rather than the code I modify so I cannot add debug code to
> jdbm. I really would appreciate some help here.

Here is what I do :

1) svn co
it grabs all the projects from the repo

2) cd trunks

3) vi pom.xml

4) comment the <module>studio</module> module (no need to spend CPU 
compiling studio)

5) mvn clean install -DskipTests
It builds everything without tests, saving 20 minutes

6) mvn eclipse:eclipse
Now, you shoud have all the .classpath pointing to projects in Eclipse, 
and not on jars

7) launch eclipse

8) create the jdbm, apacheds and shared workingsets

9) import jdbm into jdbm

10) import shared into shared

11) Import apacheds into apacheds

12 in the apacheds/apacheds-jdbm-partition, I open the properties, and 
in the Java Build Path, I add the jdbm project  in the projects tab, and 
I remove the reference to the jdbm lib in the Librairies tab.

Now, you shoul dbe able to put a breakpoint on the jdbm code, and run it 
in debug mode. You will still be able to modify the jdbm code.

of course, I drescribed in extenso what you should do, but if you 
already have almost all present, the only omportant step is (12).

I'm going to crash now, try to catch me early tomorrow (around 7h30 my 
time, 10:30PM your time) if you have any problem...

Emmanuel Lécharny

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