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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Release troubles and failing tests
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 17:40:36 GMT
Le 5/9/12 5:34 PM, Emmanuel Lécharny a écrit :
> Le 5/9/12 6:47 AM, Emmanuel Lécharny a écrit :
>>> I'll run the tests and let you know if it's any better.
>> Still having issues, even after having closed the cursors in the 
>> PagedSearch :/
> Ok, one step farther...
> I was able to reprduce the priblem, with some extra logs.
> When we get blocked, we have a full LRUCache :
> LRUCache: 
> (numEntries:1024,maxEntries:1024,cacheGets:8071,cacheMisses:35,cachePuts:1462,cachePutSleeps:57)
> but as I'm dumping the cache content just after, I can see that it 
> contains only 10 elements...
> Here, there are two possibilities
> 1- the dump is wrong, and does not dump what is in the cache, but what 
> is in the cache after the blockage, and after some elements have been 
> released
> 2- we have some serious issue with the counters
> I do think that -2- is the problem. Will investigate more.
Well, counters are just fine. So there must be somethong wrong elsewhere...

Time for me to seriously check the LRUCache code, in order to understand 
how it works ! We have a cool tool at Apache to share some review :
We could use it to comment the code, Selcuk.

Sorry if I haven't spent as much time as needed on this part of the code 
today, I had to deal with some other things. Will be back later tonite.

Thanks !

Emmanuel Lécharny

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