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> Le 4/24/12 4:19 PM, Kiran Ayyagari a écrit :
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>>> 3) Current Aliases index
>>> I didn't have time to check what those index are used for, so if someone
>>> can
>>> give me a quick heads up, that would save me a few days of code diging...
>> this is used exactly for solving the above mentioned 'cycle detection'
>> problem
> This was what I suspected, but how does it work ?
we lookup the target entry's ID in the alias Index, if it is present
we don't allow adding the current entry

Kiran is right. There is some documentation on this available in our site's developer docuentation section here:


Oooops it looks empty thought :(. Instead I have a paper I wrote on Alias Dereferencing here on this page which you can access and download:


Note this paper is ancient. Perhaps even from 2000. However it should be pretty much up to date with perhaps a name change of the indices used.
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