Kiran Ayyagari
On Apr 29, 2012 2:51 AM, "Garbage" <> wrote:
> I read about the concept of interceptors but could not find the detail if they can be activated when a search is carried out.
> My intention is to collect data from multiple (non-LDAP) sources and make them accessible via a LDAP interface. Because only a changing fraction of the data is needed every day and I can't tell in advance which is needed I don't want to load all of the data into the LDAP.
> The idea is to intercept the call for "cn=johndoe", search johns data in the mentioned sources / repositories and add if to the LDAP. After that the query can be carried out and the data delivered to the client.
> And here are my questions:
> 1) did I understand the concept of interceptors correctly ?
> 2) is it possible to intercept searches ?
> 3) does the interface for interceptors change between ApacheDS 1.5 and 2.0 ?
yes and no, some package reorg was performed in 2.0 where as the method signatures are mostly unchanged
> 4) do you see any performance drawbacks in my idea ?
it depends on how much time the retrieval and subsequent message transformation takes
Let's assume the retrieval from the sources takes 0 ms, will I experience a delay between importing the data and the point in time when it is retrievable from the LDAP ? Or will it perhaps not be available because of update / caching effects ?
can you be more precise in what you mean by 'importing' that part is not entirely clear to me
> Thanks for your input.