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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Index branch status
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2012 13:27:42 GMT
Hi guys,

after a few days working on improving the index branch, I think I have 
reached a point where the performances aren't improved in a major way 
anymore, or at least any improvement will require a lot more work.

It's time to stop and move forward.

I'll merge the branch into trunk, and continue to fix some issues that 
have been created lately (mainly in the API), in order to cut a release 
soon (hopefully tomorrow).

The idea is to have a stable base to work on the next big steps :
- inclusion of Selcuk's branch as soon as he thinks it's stable enough
- OSGification of the server
- replication consolidation (ie we need tests, lot of them).
- Administrative Model improvement
- disaster recovery system implementation

Those are the few things we need to have to get a 2.0 version out. Until 
then, we will continue with milestones.

I expect a timeframe or 6 months (more or less) to fulfill those steps. 
In any case, we are converging now.

One of the other major (critical !) item is the documentation. It 
*SUCKS*. Big time... We really need to improve it, and I do think that 
we have now all the necessary elements for that.

And of course, we have hundreds of pending JIRAs that need to be closed...

Pfeww, lots of work, too few resources !

Let's get this 2.0 out guys !

Emmanuel Lécharny

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