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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Renaming the NetworkSchemaLoader
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2012 22:27:46 GMT
On Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 8:35 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <>wrote:

> Hi,
> i'd like to rename the NetworkSchemaLoader to something like
> AdsSchemaLoader, as it's really dedicated to our own server (it reads the
> LDIF files from the schema partition in ou=schema).
> Now that the SsseSchemaLoader is working, we can access the schema from
> ADS in two ways :
> - reading it from cn=schema (SsseSchemaLoader)
> - reading it from ou=schema (AdsSchemaLoader)
Horrible descriptor name: can't we do better than these? I have no idea
what an SsseSchemaLoader is and I'm intimately familiar LDAP.

> For all the other servers, the way to go is to use the SsseSchemaLoader.
> It may also be a good idea to rename the SsseSchemaLoader to something
> more user friendly, like ServerSchemaLoader, to reflect what it does :
> loading the schemas from a remote server.
Remote to me means over the wire, a.k.a. over the network. So I'd use
AdsNetworkSchemaLoader instead of just AdsSL because it's more descriptive.
This Ssse thing has my head spinning.

> Wdyt ?
> Note : We have now 6 implementations of the SchemaLoader interface :
> - JarLdifSchemaLoader, loading the schemas from a jar containing our (ADS)
> schemas
> - LdifSchemaLoader, loading the schemas from a hierarchy of LDIF files
> (still in ADS format)
> - SingleLdifSchemaLoader, loading the schema from one big ldif file (ADS
> format)
> - SchemaEditorSchemaLoader, loading the schemas from files in XML or
> OpenLDAP format (used by Studio)
> - SsseSchemaLoader, loading the schema from a connected LDAP server, using
> the rootDSE subschemaSubentry attribute as a starting point

Ooooooohhhhh but how do we say this without saying this by picking a nice
name for this SchemaLoader? Maybe not so easy. Maybe ...
StandardNetworkSchemaLoader, or DefaultNetworkSchemaLoader ... idea is
using the standard LDAP mechanism by looking up the subschema subentry.

> - NetworkSchemaLoader, loading the schemas from ou=config in ADS.
I'd call this AdsNetworkSchemaLoader.

Best Regards,
-- Alex

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