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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject [Studio][API] Binary attributes corruption issue
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2012 14:50:16 GMT
Hi guys,

Just a status report on the major issue we have in the API and Apache Directory Studio regarding
binary attributes corruption.

For more background about this, read the following JIRA issues:
- [1] DIRAPI-78 (Binary attributes are not correctly recognized and are retrieved with data
- [2] DIRSTUDIO-772 (Entry UUID Editor can't display eDirectory GUID)
- [3] DIRSTUDIO-764 (Image Editor does not work correctly)

In a nutshell, due to the lack of schema manager, the LDAP API, which is used inside Studio,
has no knowledge about binary attributes and handles all values as if they were string value.
Do so, for binary attributes, the received data is not correct and ends up being corrupted.

In order to fix this issue, Emmanuel and I worked on adding 2 ways for users to have binary
attributes handled correctly.

1°/ The lightweight solution: the BinaryAttributeDetector

A DefaultConfigurableBinaryAttributeDetector class has been added to the configuration of
an LDAP connection.
By default it includes a list of known binary attributes and methods to add and removed values
to/from this list.
A user can also provide his own detector implementation via the BinaryAttributeDetector interface.

When the LDAP connection retrieves a new attribute value from a server, it will check via
the BinaryAttributeDetector whether or not the attribute is binary and get the value according
to this flag.

This first simple solution has been completely implemented and works fine for both the API
and Studio.

2°/ The complete solution: loading the remote schema

The second solution is to make the connection schema-aware by allowing the load of the schema
It requires a lot more work as we're trying to load the whole schema of the server via LDAP
through the SubSchemaSubEntry.

This solution is much more complex to implement than it seems and there are a lot of different
corner cases:
- whether or not the SubSchemaSubEntry is exposed
- the kind of server (ApacheDS, OpenLDAP, OpenDJ, Active Directory, etc)
- is the schema complete and correct?

The more we implement this solution, the more we're hitting important issues with the internal
design of the schema and how it is loaded (through the schema manager).

Implementing this second solution requires heavy refactoring of several crucial parts of the
code (schema elements, schema loading objects, etc.) and might take longer than expected.

In the meantime, users of Studio and the LDAP API keep getting corrupted values for binary
attributes. :(

I'd like to propose that we provide a new milestone for both projects (Studio 2.0 M3 and LDAP
API 1.0 M11) that includes only the first solution (we also already have 15 resolved issues
pending for Studio and 5 for API).

The second solution could then take place in the next milestone and we could take the appropriate
amount of time to implement it correctly.



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