Hi Everyone,

I finally completed component-hub. It's core functionality is implemented with the latest commits.

Now it can be used to :
* listen for annotated component's of any type,(Interceptors,Partitions,DirectoryBackedServers for now...)
* create, cache and reconfigure instances of installed components
* Register HubListener to be notified of certain component type's components as ADSComponent.
(you can look into previous mails with Pierre on 'OSGI status' for detailed explanation of these systems.)

It's only lacking HouseKeeping process for now, has all the facilities to implement it though. All we have to do is chose a good housekeeping schema:

I was thinking a schema that component-hub may delete all the entries in config and schema partitions belonging to a component who is never been online for 3 ApacheDS session. So if some test component is installed into ApacheDS and then deleted. ApacheDS will keep its schema and config entries for 3 server session, and then delete it. I'd like to hear more from you on that...

So as i wrote in my first mails when i started component-hub, it would be more and more easy now to make any part of ApacheDS extensible.

After finishing my reviews on component-hub I will go on by writing HubClients for three main extension points:  Interceptors, Partitions and DirectoryBackedServers. And then making them work together in the server startup by using OSGI events.

More to come...