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Hi Again,

It seems lots of things are structured like that. Partitions,servers are all have inner entries.There are partition-indexes and transports those have same problem. I must develop some way to allow such structure. Component-hub must have component type specific code to handle these things. So i'll work on that before everything. But you can still say if Authenticators must be extensible....


Hi All,

Gokturk and I had a discussion yesterday regarding this topic. Basically authenticators and password policies can be considered top level configurable elements unlike indices for example that are specifically tied to their partitions.

Although Authenticators and PasswordPolicies are managed under the AuthenticationInterceptor they are top level elements. The AuthenticationInterceptor just happens to be where functionally their maintenance made sense in the past. This might change and we might manage these in the DirectoryService to denote their first class component status. However PPs and Authenticators are clearly different from a Partition's Index which is really tied to the partition where as these components are not really tied the AuthenticationInterceptor.

I think this makes me believe that the AuthenticationInterceptor should not manage these components but just leverage them by accessing them from the DirectoryService. The DirectoryService should really manage these top level components.