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On 5 déc. 2011, at 10:00, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:

> On 12/4/11 8:23 PM, Göktürk Gezer wrote:
>> BTW,
>> If passing null as CoreSession is ok on AbstractBTreePartition(Schema and
>> Config Partitions.) operations, i might use some pointers about how to use
>> them best.
>> Pointers on SearchEngine usage could save me lots of hours also.
> From the top of my head, you need a CoreSession because you need a reference on the SchemaManager which is hold by the Session (in fact, we use an OperationContext, which contains a Session).

I personally use a SearchOperationContext with a null core session in the PartitionsDiffComputer class (which computes the differences between two partition) in the ApacheDS v2 Configuration Editor plugin where I read the configuration partition (extracted from the LDIF files).
It works great. Without any issue.

The SchemaManager is actually tied to the Partition itself (and not the OperationContext or Session). So it should not be an issue.

Yeah this is what i saw on the code. OperationContext es are not queried for something CoreSession specific. So i believe most of the operations can work without an issue with "null" CoreSession.

As a matter of fact, I really believe that it should always be allowed to do any kind of operation with any session.


> The Partition will manipulate indexes, and for that, we need the SchemaManager, as it is the only place we have information about AttributeType names and OIDs, as Index are referring AT names or OID.
> Now, you should not need the DirectoryService instance to query the SchemaPartition.
> I have to check what could happen if you pass a null value as the CoreSession for this partition...
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