Hi Everyone,

I stretched my MIA period for a week, due to some reports and presentations i had to do. Now i'm back on work again.

Component-Hub work is going on schedule. I've found some spare time to work on it. Almost all subsystems of it are implemented, just InstanceManager is left for run-time reconfiguration. We can speed up the OSGIfication process at new year.

To briefly mention the remaining tasks on OSGIfication:

* Finishing the Component-Hub implementation
* Creating new module for replacing the service-osgi. Service-osgi was just for testing, now we'll implement more robust osgi launcher for ApacheDS which takes OSGI events into an account for fine tuning the server startup. 
The new launcher will also use new concept called HubClients to manage installed components by their type(HubClient for Interceptors, for Partitions,....)
* Creating new module for Custom Karaf Deployment.
* Test,Test,Test...

That's it for now, more to come...

Happy New Year to Y'all !