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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Txns & tests heads up
Date Sat, 24 Dec 2011 13:51:51 GMT

I'm fixing tests in core-integ, and so far, I still have some issues in 
uathz (SearchAuthorizationIT) and in schema. All the other tests are now 

I have moved the txns borders into the OperationManager, and for 
searches, the cursor commit or abort the txn in the close() and 
close(exception) methods.

The pbs I'm facing are with txns inside another txns (nothing new here, 
I was not trying to fix that, but to clean up the room before starting 
to impelment a fix).

I think we should find a way to implicitely commit or abort the txns 
even if the user does not close() the cursors, otherwise it might be 
extremely painful for them. I was thinking about adding a finalaizer in 
the cursor to finish the txns, but it's not a perfect solution (as it 
depends on the GC to be executed. Damn I miss the C++ explicit 
destuctors :/).
Something more useful would be to allow any txns to reuse an existing 
txns. Of course, there are some drawbacks, but I think it's probably a 
better approach.

Any thoughts ?

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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