Hi Devs,

As i go through implementing component-hub, i couldn't think clearly about some things, so i need some pointers on them. I've made some decisions on code based on my experiments but i need to hear more from you on these specific issues. 

component-hub is responsible for providing main extendibility facilities, which contains the DIT configuration hooks. component-hub is providing the DIT configuration hooks as a way for users to configure the component instances.( the instance of a EventInterceptor for example). Then some DirectoryListener implementation will listen for specified DIT entries for changes and then reconfigure the instances. First question is whether should i use PersistentSearch or implement DirectoryListener interface myself. DirectoryListeners are called by EventInterceptor so that will make the listening code have to go through LdapCoreSession. How PersistentSearch is different? Is there any mechanism other than these two??

Second thing is like chicken-and-egg problem, specifically about Interceptors. To add the custom generated schemas and the DIT configuration hooks for instances, the current code access the server through session (LdapCoreSessionConnection). But for LdapCoreSession to work as expected, the interceptors are needed(at least, to work in the way it meant to). How i solved this issue is by deferring all the write operations until DirectoryService is fully initialized. component-hub will be able to access, instantiate and use the interceptors( and other types of components). However, until its being notified of full initialization of DirectoryService, it defers the custom schema and DIT configuration hook entries to be written to DIT. Is there any problem with that approach that i couldn't see? This approach is clear but it may introduce some rendezvous like concurrency management into code, increasing server startup about 1 second. The other way to do is initializing component-hub with the DirectoryService reference having its Schema and Config Partition set. And then we access the partitions directly without going through nexus and interceptors. But to handle it with the second way, we must be sure nothing is dependent on Interceptors until server is fully initialized.(*1). Which way would you choose?

(*1) init() method of SubEntryInterceptor is using nexus to do some search. But at that point in the code no partition is added to the nexus, not even schema partition is set on DirectoryService. What exactly the code there is doing, is it broken or am i missing something?