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From Kiran Ayyagari <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS]making interceptor chain stateless
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 19:22:42 GMT
On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 12:14 AM, Selcuk AYA <> wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 2:14 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
>> On 11/6/11 9:12 PM, Kiran Ayyagari wrote:
>>> Hi Dev,
>>>     Currently the interceptor chain heavily depends on the current
>>> operation context stored in the InvocationStack as a
>>>     threadlocal variable, but this poses a problem for transaction
>>> handling (if we use threadlocal transactions then
>>>     two different requests might get processed by the same thread
>>> leading to using the same transaction)
>> Not sure, as a request will be fully processed before another request can
>> reuse the thread.
> If the concern here is about requests due to chain re-entry
> operations, actually these internal operations should be part of the
> same transaction I think.
no, it is about two different (client) requests (not the internal
OperationContextS created as part of processing a single
>>>     Earlier we had one big hurdle in the form of chain re-entry to
>>> achieve this, but now we have almost got that removed
>>>     (there are still some more (<4) but will remove them in the coming
>>> days)
>> I have checked some of the inner operation, and there are cases where we
>> need to re-enter the chain: when modifying the schema. A modification of the
>> rootDSE attributeTypes value, for instance, will also lead to a modification
>> of the cn=schema (or is it ou=schema ? never remember...) partition, and
>> this will be done with a add or delete operation call.
>> We may get rid of such re-entrant operation, except that we will lose the
>> logging of a revert operation in this case. That would be a great loss, IMO.
>>>     I would like to make the interceptor chain completely stateless by
>>> avoiding the use of InvocationStack, so that
>>>     we can inject a transaction handle directly into the OperationContext.
>> The chain should be stateless, I'm not sure we need the InvocationStack
>> anymore, but I'm not sure this is really connected to the fact that we use
>> threadLocal, or not.
>> Again, there is one thing which has to be taken into account before we
>> remove the InvocationStack, is that we can revert a complete schema
>> modification, which implies a double call to the chain (an in this case, I
>> wonder if we don't need to keep the reference to the parent call in the
>> second call).
>> To be investigated further.
>> --
>> Regards,
>> Cordialement,
>> Emmanuel Lécharny

Kiran Ayyagari

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