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From "Oliver Schmidt" <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS documentation: docbook vs. wiki syntax
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 05:29:31 GMT
Am 18.10.2011, 23:22 Uhr, schrieb Emmanuel Lecharny <>:

> Hi,
> On 9/18/11 10:20 PM, Stefan Seelmann wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I'd like to come back to our documentation issue:
>> - docu in confluence isn't versionized
>> - docbook in source control isn't easy to write
>> I did some research and found some interesting links [1][2][3]. I
>> setup an additonal user guide as PoC [4].
>> The idea is as follows:
>> 1. Documenation source is still stored in source control.
>> 2. We use wiki syntax (confluence) to edit the documenation. Eclipse
>> Mylyn WikiText includes editors for various wiki syntaxes (e.g.
>> confluence, but not markdown) that provide content assist, syntax
>> highlighting and a nice preview, see "Getting Started" of [1].
>> 3. The wiki syntax is transformed to docbook xml. Unfortunately the
>> required Mylyn libraries are not available in public maven repo and
>> there is no maven plugin*. So I worked around and added the two
>> required jars to the lib folder and added a maven-antrun-plugin
>> execution to the POM.
>> 4. Docbook is transformed to HTML, PDF, whatever
>> I think that is a good way to make docu editing easier but still use
>> the power of docbook to create different output formats. Of course not
>> all features of docbook can be used but I think that is a minor issue.
>> A bigger task is the transformation of the existing docbook files to
>> confluence syntax.
>> Looking forward to your feedback.
> So I checked the project and the tools today : excellent !
> We will now need to move all the wiki pages to svn. I will start with  
> the API doco.
> I suggest we create sub-project under documentation, one per project :
> - ApacheDS (apacheds-manuals)
> - Studio (studio-manuals : to be created)
> - API (api-manuals : to be created)
> Thoughts ?

I also checked this out and found it better for maintaining the  
documentation. In Confluence's web-based editor I could stick much time on  
a comparatively small section while this way it seems easier.

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