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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS 2.0] OSGI, Implementing Services
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 06:05:45 GMT
On 10/19/11 6:35 AM, Göktürk Gezer wrote:
> Hi Emmanuel,
> I'm doing some experiments on DS. I saw some problems on our way. Before
> diving deeper i must consult you about somethings.
> I'm changing the way we deal with schema
> elements(LdapComparator,Normalizer,SyntaxChecker) so that they will be
> pluggable. Schema manager tries to classload them that's where i'm going to
> change. I'll make SchemaManager get them through OSGI, but while i change
> the core parts, there are lots of place on the code that use them as
> tool(Tests espacially). And once the class is manipulated with IPojo, it is
> not so easy to instantiate it through normal ways. Before solving that topic
> i must know what do you think about below issues:
> 1- Tests are using them heavily. So changing the way we load them will broke
> these unit tests. So we must change them to be OSGI compatible. I'm talking
> aside from OSGI integration tests. These changes will make these unit tests
> unable to run without OSGI.(Pax-Exam will be used most probably)

I'm afraid this will be a necessary move...
> 2- Because more than one instances of the ApacheDS may be launched inside
> same JVM. We must either provide same copies of these schema elements to all
> instances or we must create separate ones for each one. They are separated
> between instances at that moment because of the class load approach, but as
> far as i see no context information is kept in those elements. So we can
> share them between ApacheDS instances. What do you think?
Those 3 classes are totally context-free. We can share them safely.
> 3- How Studio is interacting with that elements. This is the most important
> question actually. Because these elements are in shared, every main change
> will affect Studio too. For what purposes these elements are being used by
> Studio?
Studio uses shared heavily. As the client API is schema aware, and as 
it's used by Studio, we are using those elements in many places in Studio.

I don't know how wide will be the changes, but as soon as we have a 
guideline to do them, we can apply it easily. It's just a matter of time !

Thanks !

Emmanuel Lécharny

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