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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS 2.0] OSGI, Implementing modularity
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 12:13:11 GMT
On 10/10/11 6:38 PM, Göktürk Gezer wrote:
> Package conflicts are almost completely resolved. So we can begin
> implementing OSGI modularity into ApacheDS. To pass through the list again,
> we must do following:
> * party dependencies must be bundleized. Apache commons that we are
> dependent on are already osgi bundles. Some of the remainings are already
> bundleized(antlr, slf4j, log4j, mina-core). Some of them are just jar files,
> no POM supplied. We must transform and maintain the nonOSGI dependencies by
> ourselves. There are not much of them. Bouncycastle is somewhat problematic
> with maven-bundle-plugin. I'll do some workaround for it specially.
We should check on Studio, lots of libs we are using in ADS are already 
bundleized there.

Having a list of jars would help at this point.
> * Shared libraries are already OSGI bundles, but their usage of OSGI
> services in their BundleActivator classes are not designed for OSGI
> dynamism. They assume the ApacheDS is one big megabundle(it is now). We're
> going to handle that problem with OSGI Start Levels until we start
> implementing service layer using IPojo.
> * All submodules of ApacheDS will be modified to generate OSGI bundles.
> * The existing apachads-service module can be left here, but we'll need new
> service implementation that utilize Apache Karaf. New project will create
> custom Karaf distribution, which will has all dependencies and all core
> bundles to start ApacheDS. And we will custom tailor Karaf's configuration
> for our needs.
Yes, that's a mandatory step.
> * At that stage we'll have around 65 bundle to start ApacheDS on OSGI. For
> people using our custom Karaf distribution, this will not be a problem. But
> for others who want to install ApacheDS on their own, we must provide an
> easy mechanism to deploy the ApacheDS without messing with 65 bundles
> directly. We'll already have a Karaf Feature Descriptor at that stage for
> Karaf users. But we must also provide an OBR repository for our builds.As
> abridged version, OBR repository is just an xml file, keeps dependency
> information between bundles, so clients can deploy one core bundle using
> OBR, and then its dependencies are automatically resolved and deployed by
> OBR agent. If Apache have some central OBR repository, we can use that?

Can't we create a bundle of bundles?
> * After we completed above steps, we can start implementing services using
> IPojo.
> Lets talk more about it and elaborate the details. I'm on those steps,
> starting tomorrow. I'll let you know the current status regularly.

Thanks a lot for handling those "details" !

Emmanuel Lécharny

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