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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject [ADS 2.0] OSGi, interceptors
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 11:20:19 GMT

Göktük asked if there is a way to transform Interceptors to be bundles 
instead of being statically loaded in core.

I tried to play around the idea yesterday in the train, and I faced some 
interesting challenges.

o First, many interecptors are doing calls to the chain again, but with 
a restricted set of interceptors. For instance, in the 
SchemaInterceptor, we go through the chain again when modifying the 
schema itself. In order to speedup the operation, we declare a BYPASS 
sets of interceptors (I'm not sure it's a good idea, but right now, this 
is how we proceed). At the end, this BYPASS set is declared this way :

     private static final Collection<String> BYPASS;

         Set<String> c = new HashSet<String>();
         c.add( AuthenticationInterceptor.class.getName() );
         c.add( AciAuthorizationInterceptor.class.getName() );
         c.add( DefaultAuthorizationInterceptor.class.getName() );
         c.add( ExceptionInterceptor.class.getName() );
         c.add( SchemaInterceptor.class.getName() );
         BYPASS = Collections.unmodifiableCollection( c );

As we can see, it creates a static dependency on interceptors. It might 
be a better idea to use logical names instead of class names, and let 
the OSGi container retrieve the classes itself.

o Second, we have places in core were we call the interceptors, like in 
DefaultDirectoryService :

     public boolean isPwdPolicyEnabled()
         AuthenticationInterceptor authenticationInterceptor = 
AuthenticationInterceptor.class.getName() );
         if ( authenticationInterceptor == null )
             return false;

         PpolicyConfigContainer pwdPolicyContainer = 

         return ( ( pwdPolicyContainer != null )
&& ( ( pwdPolicyContainer.getDefaultPolicy() != null )
                 || ( pwdPolicyContainer.hasCustomConfigs() ) ) );

I'm quite sure we should do that in anothr way...

Right, now, I'm experimenting, moving each interceptors into a dedicated 
project (under apacheds/interceptors/authn, ...) to see what are the 
impacts. I'll come back with some more informations when I'll have a 
clear vision about the impacts.

Tahnks !

Emmanuel Lécharny

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