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From david jones <>
Subject non-String values allowed for Attributes?
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2011 21:03:01 GMT
Is anything besides String supported for BasicAttribute?

I'm using ApacheDS 1.5.

added this to schema:

dn: m-oid=, ou=attributeTypes, cn=other,
objectclass: metaAttributeType
objectclass: metaTop
objectclass: top
m-name: port
m-description: ip port
m-equality: integerMatch
m-syntax: (Integer)


attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("ipV4Addr", "");
attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("port", intPort);
ctx.createSubcontext(cnValue, attributes);

Looking at the created entry with Studio: it got created with the IP address
attribute, but not the port value. I don't see any errors in the ldap debug

If i change code to:
         attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("port", intPort.toString());
and the schema to:
     m-syntax: (IA5 String)

The port gets added. I also have a boolean attribute that i'm adding as
Strings "true" | "false" for a similar reason. Is this expected behavior, or
am I missing something in my schema/code to allow non-String attribute

David Jones

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