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From: Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Date: Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 10:26 AM
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Apache LDAP API 1.0.0-M6 has been released !
To:, Apache Directory Developers List <>,

The Apache Directory team is proud to announce the availability of the 1.0.0-M6 version of the Apache Directory LDAP API.

The Apache LDAP client API is an ongoing effort to provide an enhanced LDAP API, as a replacement for JNDI and the existing LDAP API (jLdap and Mozilla LDAP API).

This is a schema aware API, with some convenient ways to access a LDAP server. This API is not only targetting the Apache Directory Server, but should work pristine with any LDAP server.

It's also an extensible API : new Controls, schema elements and network layer could be added or used in the near future. It's also OSGi capable.

This is the third official milestone, we will release few more milestone versions before a release candidate,  but the current version has already been validated in Directory Studio and in the Apache Directory Server. Its documentation is currently under construction.

In this milestone, we have fixed many issues, one of them being critical :

Release Notes - Directory Client API - Version 1.0.0-M6 - HTML format
Configure Release Notes

   [DIRAPI-49] - LdapNetworkConnection.anonymousBind() uses name and credentials from configuration instead of empty values
   [DIRAPI-50] - Add additional GssApiRequest property
   [DIRAPI-51] - Add cipher suite support to LdapConnectionConfig
   [DIRAPI-52] - Connection seems to remain opened, leading to 'Too many open files' on some servers


   [DIRAPI-48] - Improve error reporting when an UnresolvedAddressException is thrown while connecting

Feel free to experiment, we highly appreciate your feedback !

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Emmanuel Lécharny

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