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From Ludovic Poitou <>
Subject Re: Alias cycle detection
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 15:58:11 GMT
Sun Directory Server, OpenDS, OpenDJ, Port 389 (formerly known as Fedora
Directory) at least, do not support Alias dereferencing because the
complexity out-weights the benefits, and very few client applications make
use of it anyway.

My 2 cents.

Ludovic Poitou

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 4:39 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <>wrote:

> Alias cycle detection
> ---------------------
> There is an unsolved question about how we should detect Alias cycles.
> Right now, we check for cycles *before* they are created. The alternative
> would be to stop any search that could lead to an infinite loop.
> A third - but unrealistic - solution would be to don't detect cycle, and
> process the search until we reach the time or size limit (in other words,
> it's up to the admin to avoid the creation of such cycle; Highly
> dangerous…).
> The problem with the first approach is that we can't anymore pass the
> VSLDAP tests. It's a major burden. Also most of the current servers support
> this feature.
> So it seems that everything concurs to get the cycle be detected while
> searching, not before. Now, how can we do that efficiently ?
> Detecting a cycle is a pretty obvious algorithm : every entry we went
> through should be memorized, and we should check that we aren't going
> through an entry we already returned.
> This is easy, but highly memory consuming, as we have to keep track of
> *all* the entries during a search. Simply idealistic.
> Hopefully, we can use a simplified algorithm : if we hit an Alias, we have
> to check that we don't come back to the original DN we came from, or one of
> its descendant. We should also memorize each indirection (each of them is
> like a new search)
> initial search : A.B.C -~-> a(alias)  (A.B.C memorized)
> a -~-> B.C… -~-> A.B.C : cycle detected (B.C memorized)
> or
> initial search : A.B.C -~-> a(alias)  (A.B.C memorized)
> a -~-> D.E… -~-> b(alias) : (D.E memorized)
> b -~-> B.C… -~-> A.B.C : cycle detected (B.C memorized)
> This way we only have to memorize the roots for all searches, instead of
> memorize all he entries. As we are very unlikely to have many aliases and
> many indirection, it should be safe from the memory consumption POV.
> One other aspect is that this should be only done if the user has required
> that we dereference aliases on the server.
> Last, not least, if the user has sent the ManageDSAIt control, we should
> not have to memorize anything either, as we don't dereference aliases in
> this case.
> The DN cache will be stored in the session, and removed as soon as we
> reached the end of the search. It will be associated with the message ID, so
> that a user can issue more than one search in parallel.
> thoughts ?
> --
> Regards,
> Cordialement,
> Emmanuel Lécharny

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