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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject SubLevel index questions
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2011 09:38:20 GMT
Hi guys,

as I'm refactoring the AbstractStore code, I have a question regarding 
the SubLevel index.

This index associate an entry with all it's ancestors in the DiT. Let's 
take an example.

I have a partion dc=example,dc=org, which contains a dc=apache entry. I 
want to add a dc=committers entry then a cn=elecharny entry below.

Here is the structure I'll get :


As far as I understand, the rootDSE ID will always be 0L.

The following ID will be attributed to the entries :
rootDSE : 0L
dc=example,dc=org : 1L
dc=apache : 2L
dc=committers : 3L
cn=elecharny : 4L

(the ID are supposed to be incremental. Here I just assumed that no 
other entry exist in the tree)

Now, comes the subLevel index : am I right to assume that it will 
contain all those tuple before the addition of dc=committers ?

Before dc=committers addition :
<0L, 0L>
<0L, 1L>
<0L, 2L>
<1L, 1L>
<1L, 2L>
<2L, 2L>

After dc=committers addition :
<0L, 0L>
<0L, 1L>
<0L, 2L>
<0L, 3L> (added)
<1L, 1L>
<1L, 2L>
<1L, 3L> (added)
<2L, 2L>
<2L, 3L> (added)
<3L, 3L> (added)

and after cn=elecharnt addition :
<0L, 0L>
<0L, 1L>
<0L, 2L>
<0L, 3L>
<0L, 4L> (added)
<1L, 1L>
<1L, 2L>
<1L, 3L>
<1L, 4L> (added)
<2L, 2L>
<2L, 3L>
<2L, 4L> (added)
<3L, 3L>
<3L, 4L> (added)
<4L, 4L> (added)

Thanks !

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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