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 . And Rdn or Entry is not being used to get the Dn. Using ID and rdnIndex
we are getting the Dn, and rdnIndex does not depend on anything we save in

There might be a slight improvement here, as the DN is constructed using
the RDN table, right. Please fill a JIRA for that.

Sorry but it was not clear to me what sort of improvement you were
envisaging. Can you elaborate on that?
If the DN is reconstructed using the RDN table, then either we don't need to serialize the RDN in the entry at all, or we can stop building the DN when we reach the RDN, saving one extra step.

Yeah we had discussed this a while back about not serializing the RDN or was it the DN in the Entry?

Let's discuss that on DIRSERVER_1618, Rajesh might have a valid point here.

Can we just throw a link into to issue pointing to the mark mail conversation here? There's already past history on it here, would suck to have to consult both JIRA and emails to get the whole thread. I also have issues on phone using JIRA rather than mail :(.