This is a good point (re: the value of doing substitutions) and something we should consider for our configuration in LDAP. Maybe not 1:1 but some like mechanism might have value for users like Richard.


On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 1:39 PM, Richard Evans <> wrote:
I agree, the LDIF configuration is great.  The reason for persisting with the XML approach is that I need to do Spring like property substation to set ports, etc, as in:

  <property name="transports">
       <bean class="" ...   p:port="${apacheds.ldapport}"

For a fully embedded server, dynamic configuration changes do not seem so important.


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On 5/23/11 12:27 PM, Richard Evans wrote:
> OK, I'll have to rethink.  It's a bit disappointing since we've used XML configuration for each of the other applications we embed - ActiveMQ, Apache FTP server and Apache SSHD.

There is a reason for such a (painful) switch : having a LDIF backed
configuration (Here, I should say a DIT based) allows us to dynamically
reconfigure the server, without having to stop and restart it. This is
incredibly useful.

Emmanuel Lécharny