On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 6:03 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
On 5/11/11 4:55 PM, Alex Karasulu wrote:
The plugin bundles do not contain any services. The activators of the plugin
bundles simply register classes in the plugin bundle with the main service
exported by the host application: the codec factory service.

Looking at this big fat mess a good rule of thumb is starting to emerge:

Do not embed OSGi containers in APIs, because you cannot be sure of the
environments in which that API will be used.

The best way to proceed would be to expose a means
to programmatically register new extension components with the API, and
leave the mechanism to load and register the plugin components outside the
API to be handled by some other component.


At this point, we need to setup our mind. If OSGi is a burden for the API, then let's just use classloaders instead.

+1 let's use the technique Guillaume just posted to the ML.