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From Richard Evans <>
Subject Embedding trunk ApacheDS
Date Thu, 19 May 2011 10:35:12 GMT

I'm looking at embedding ApacheDS in our application (a webapp running in tomcat or other
app servers).  I started looking at the 1.5.7 release and got an implementation going using
a Spring XML file for configuration.  I've moved to the trunk version now because I want to
get some bug fixes.

The new approach is to configure ApacheDS using an LDIF file in the instance folder.  I see
how to edit this to configure interceptors, etc, but I'd like to inject some of the configuration
externally - for example the ports used for LDAP and LDAPS and the location of the working
directory.  We set items like this in a properties file for our application; with Spring-based
configuration I can use property place holders to use these values, as in:

   <property name="transports">
        <bean class=""
p:address=""   p:port="${apacheds.ldapport}" p:nbThreads="8" p:backLog="50" p:enableSSL="false"/>
        <bean class=""
p:address="localhost" p:port="${apacheds.ldapsport}" p:enableSSL="true"/>

Is there a similar recommended approach for use with the LDIF-based configuration?



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